The Wedding Present – Crawl

From the album ‘Seamonsters‘ (Camden Deluxe remaster 2001).


Everyone here could be a millionaire
Just take these wings and fly up into the air
Oh you’re wondering where you heard this before
It wasn’t really like that

This man is certain that this place is his home
It’s time for him to crawl back under his stone
Oh remember when he said this before?
But it wasn’t really like that

I’m not even sure if we can still be just friends
You stopped me once and you could do it again
Okay you’re right, I haven’t changed from before
But it wasn’t really like that

Oh just listen now instead
Of thinking over things I said
Oh years and years ago
I stole and of course I lied
Yes to you, but you must see why
You couldn’t just be told

There were some things I had to do
Say that again and I’ll kill you (ohh)