Momus – The Poisoners

From the album ‘20 Vodka Jellies‘ (1996).


We corrupted Swiss chocolate
We laced it with strychnine
And said we’d only stop it
For a cool six million

We corrupted Swiss chocolate
And moved to the Philippines
We’ve come to know exactly
What being fabulously wealthy means

It’s beautiful

And the times I feel guilty
For the children who died
Press my ear to Jenny’s belly
And hear our child inside
A boy or a girl?
Victor or victim?
New life made possible by strychnine
Born into a world of cyanide

They call us the poisoners
But we knew
Being decent and humane
Folk without a brain
Sneezing in the rain
Would never do
We’d rather be poisoners
Than prisoners like you

They call us the poisoners
We got rich quick
But the world got sick
Before we slipped the strychnine in the bar
We’d rather be poisoners
Than losers like you are

We moved to Manila
We golf on the golf green
With all the other killers
Who know exactly what it’s like to win

It’s wonderful

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