Momus – Fakeways: Manhattan Folk

An audio documentary by Momus made in New York City, Spring 2000.


  1. Theme music
  2. Flier: snippets of interviews
  3. Theme music (some more)
  4. Momus & Sinclair Scientific, the robot anthropologist
  5. Introducing Rhymes With Adventure by International Fiction
  6. Introducing Miss Mono Trona
  7. Mono sings about the birth of a superbeing
  8. Momus & Sinclair: what is Gavin Brown’s Enterprise?
  9. Introducing Mr Casey Spooner, Fischerspooner
  10. Casey Spooner in conversation at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise
  11. Fischerspooner excerpt: Invisible
  12. Introducing Mr Steve Lafreniere, Index magazine
  13. Steve Lafreniere at the Chelsea studio of Index magazine
  14. Steve Lafreniere: Polish & Ukrainian folk in Chicago
  15. Casey Spooner talks about glamour
  16. Fischerspooner excerpt: Turn On
  17. Steve Lafreniere on glam style
  18. Casey Spooner on kitsch and Brecht
  19. Momus & Sinclair: Rhymes With Adventure at The Soho Rep
  20. Internat’l Fiction’s Rhymes With Adventure: Die Evil Beings
  21. Introducing Mr Ford Wright
  22. Ford Wright on the Chicago scene
  23. Ford on his appearance as Jesus Christ Superstar
  24. Ford Wright on fantasy fiction
  25. Rhymes With Adventure: Carbon Ice
  26. Ford on kitsch
  27. Rhymes With Adventure: Unicorn, Come To My Aid
  28. Sinclair and Momus: who are the elves of yore?
  29. Cindy Green talks about superhero imagery
  30. Introducing The Melted Men, from Athens, Georgia
  31. A slice of Mono Trona
  32. Introducing Miss Kelly Kuvo of Sweet Thunder
  33. Kelly Kuvo on Sweet Thunder
  34. Sinclair and Momus: What is irony, post Gen X?
  35. Ford Wright on D.I.V.O.R.C.E
  36. Momus & Sinclair, the robot
  37. Introducing Mr Stephin Merrit of Magnetic Fields
  38. Stephin Merrit: the Harry Smith Anthology Box Set
  39. Ford Wright’s hobo musical, Arrogance: Catch As Catch Can
  40. Stephin Merrit on fake folk and possible precedents
  41. Introducing Brian Degraw of Saabsongs
  42. Brian Degraw on his collaboration with Harmony Korine
  43. Steve Lafreniere on folk art
  44. Sinclair Scientific: all too much for a robot to understand
  45. Ford Wright: a slave boy that thinks he’s a king
  46. Closing theme

Momus says

Situated in New York City, the Fakeways Institute will begin its study of Folk Art with a record of the results of a series of investigations and field trips conducted in Manhattan during Spring 2000. The CD is an audio collage of interviews, dramatisations and speculations. Momus is the chief sound architect of this work of ethnomusicology. Because Manhattan artists are such a dangerous and untamed race, many of the recordings had to be made by a specially-designed field robot, Sinclair Scientific…

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