Momus – The Ultraconformist

Released on Richmond / Cherry Red Records – MONDE 3 – April 1992.


  1. Sinister Themes
  2. Last Of The Window Cleaners
  3. The Ladies Understand
  4. Cape And Stick Gang
  5. The Ultraconformist
  6. The Mother-In-Law
  7. La Catrina
  8. The Cheque’s In The Post
  9. Spy On The Moon
  10. Forests

Momus says

‘The Ultraconformist (Live Whilst Out Of Fashion)’, was in fact recorded on wax cylinders at the Vorticist nightclub Cave Of The Golden Calf, Heddon Street, on or about December 1910. Or so it says here. Anyway, this is the sound of Momus surviving critical opprobrium with a grin on his face and a rusty barrel organ by his side on which he cranks out Brechtian murder ballads. Roll up, cock your shell-likes and hear Momus, in a hideous Cockney accent.

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