Momus – Oskar Tennis Champion

Released on Analog Baroque Records – ANALOG 008 CD – February 2003.


  1. Spooky Kabuki
  2. Is It Because I’m A Pirate?
  3. Multiplying Love
  4. Scottish Lips
  5. My Sperm Is Not Your Enemy
  6. Oskar Tennis Champion
  7. A Little Schubert
  8. The Laird Of Inversnecky
  9. The Last Communist
  10. Pierrot Lunaire
  11. Beowulf (I Am Deformed)
  12. Electrosexual Sewing Machine
  13. A Lapdog
  14. Lovely Tree
  15. Palm Deathtop
  16. The Ringtone Cycle by Oliver Cobol

Momus says

In early 2002, fleeing terrorism, recession and the Bush administration, Momus moved from New York to Tokyo. Oskar Tennis Champion was recorded in the Nakameguro district and marks a radical departure for a Momus recording: the entire album has been tweaked, mangled, glitched up and remixed by a young ‘reproducer’ based in Bay City, Michigan: 22 year-old John ‘Fashion Flesh’ Talaga. The result is a record to satisfy your inner Pierre Schaeffer as much as your inner Georges Brassens. A record that takes you from the South China Seas to Scotland and on to ‘the house of the dead’. A record of articulacy and melody that seems, nevertheless, strangely attracted to madness and noise.

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