Momus – Folktronic

Released on Le Grand Magistery Records – HRH-020 – February 2001.


  1. Appalachia
  2. Smooth Folk Singer
  3. Mountain Music
  4. Simple Men
  5. Finnegan The Folk Hero
  6. Protestant Art
  7. U.S. Knitting
  8. Jarre In Hicksville
  9. Tape Recorder Man
  10. Little Apples
  11. Robocowboys
  12. Psychopathia Sexualis
  13. Folk Me Amadeus
  14. Handheld
  15. The Penis Song
  16. Heliogabalus
  17. Going For A Walk With A Line
  18. The Lady Of Shalott
  19. Mistaken Memories Of Medieval Manhattan
  20. Pygmalism

Momus says

In the year 2000, Momus moved from London to New York, held a one-man show in a Chelsea art gallery, lectured, sang and danced around the world, wrote a whole bunch of essays on his website and cut an album of ‘plastic folk’. On ‘Folktronic’, with typical pleasure in perverse juxtaposition, he’s decided to combine analog electronics with folk songs. Hideously pompous baroque keyboard licks of 80s synthpop climb into bed with fakely traditional ballads, jigs and sea shanties; mock prog epics full of tempo and key changes collide with neo-vaudeville numbers on the subject of the penis; eulogies to decadent Roman emperors rub shoulders with passages of Bach played by cartoon fiddle yokels through massive ring modulation. It’s those prolific medieval songwriters Trad. and Anon. finding the missing link between unicorns and Unix.

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