Momus – Bambi

Released on American Patchwork Records – AMPATCH014 – October 2013.


  1. The Blind Boy
  2. Bambi
  3. Deer Wife
  4. The Fallacy
  5. Love Isn’t A Right
  6. The Ephebophobe
  7. Lipgloss
  8. Kinski Gets Angry
  9. Song Of Norway
  10. Hammered Horse
  11. Pots
  12. Skriptorium
  13. Crispbread Pagoda
  14. For Elise

Momus says

Returning to the primal, acoustic, hot-to-tape, handmade and homemade sound of his first cassette recordings, this experimental direction saw Momus reaching for eclectic references from Eno to Afropop, styles from minimalism to wabi sabi, and inspirations from vaudevillian George Chirgwin to Swiss author Max Frisch.