Momus – Otto Spooky

Released on Analog Baroque Records – ANALOG 011 CD – February 2005.


  1. Sempreverde
  2. Life Of The Fields
  3. Corkscrew King
  4. Klaxon
  5. Robin Hood
  6. Lady Fancy Knickers
  7. Lute Score
  8. Belvedere
  9. Your Fat Friend
  10. Mr Ulysses
  11. Water Song
  12. Jesus In Furs
  13. Bantam Boys
  14. Cockle Pickers
  15. The Artist Overwhelmed

Momus says

Momus spent the spring and early summer of 2004 recording a new album in Berlin. The title is Otto Spooky and there are fifteen tracks, all new compositions. John Talaga, who ‘reproduced’ the 2003 album from Momus, Oskar Tennis Champion, made a series of morphs or intermezzi, disorienting links from one track to the next. The sleeve is by James Goggin of Practise.

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