Momus – Circus Maximus

Released on el / Cherry Red Records – el ACME 2CD – 1986.


  1. Lucky Like St Sebastian
  2. The Lesson Of Sodom (According To Lot)
  3. John The Baptist Jones
  4. King Solomon’s Song And Mine
  5. Little Lord Obedience
  6. The Day The Circus Came To Town
  7. The Rape Of Lucretia
  8. Paper Wraps Rock
  9. Rules Of The Game Of Quoits
  10. “Nicky”
  11. Don’t Leave
  12. See A Friend In Tears

Momus says

Momus (dressed in the barely-adequate flesh of a young Scottish graduate) sits in a rented room in Streatham, south London, strumming an acoustic guitar. He decides to rewrite the Bible. Defying his fundamentalist ancestors, he paints the lives of Old Testament saints like Lot and John The Baptist in nine shades of hell-fire red. They emerge self-interested, lascivious and ambitious. It is, after all, the 1980s.

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