Momus – Stop This!

CD-Audio of the CD-ROM by Momus “This Must Stop!” – 1996.


  1. Broken To Joking
  2. A Card From Islington
  3. Confectioner
  4. The Kitten’s Telephone
  5. Millipedes
  6. My Double
  7. Smart Drugs
  8. Things You Never Did
  9. I’m Still Trying
  10. Young People Today
  11. Trance Cocktail Airlines performed by Laila France
  12. David Hamilton performed by Laila France
  13. Good Morning World performed by Kahimi Karie
  14. Japanese Especially performed by Laila France
  15. Organon performed by Laila France
  16. The Pink Song performed by Laila France
  17. Le Roi Soleil performed by Kahimi Karie
  18. Airline Trailer performed by Laila France
  19. Trashy Like TV performed by Laila France
  20. Life Of An Office Worker
  21. Sensation Of Orgasm
  22. Jackie Onassis performed by Milky
  23. Emperor Of Oranges performed by Milky

Momus says

CD ROMs like Kuniyoshi Kaneko’s Alice and Necro Enema Amalgamated’s Blam! seem more interesting than music CDs. Momus decides to make his own, and sit in his flat on the Place Du Tertre, Paris, poring over the Director 4.0 manual, learning about stages, sprites and lingo. For a couple of months, instead of getting up in the morning and writing a song, Momus gets up in the morning and makes an interactive presentation in Director, featuring a cast of somewhat disturbing characters (the fascist Putsch, the gibbering, lustful humunculus Balbus, Goat Hare the guide, the writer Ryunsuke Carlos Stevens Infanta, the druggy beatnik girl Beatrice). ‘Stop This!’ is the audio version of the CD ROM ‘This Must Stop’.

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