Momus – The Little Red Songbook

Released on Cherry Red Records – ANALOG 001 CD – 1998.


  1. Old Friend, New Flame
  2. MC Escher
  3. Who Is Mr Jones?
  4. Harry K-Tel
  5. Lucretia Borgia
  6. How To Spot An Invert
  7. Everyone I Have Ever Slept With
  8. Born To Be Adored
  9. Coming In A Girl’s Mouth
  10. What Are You Wearing?
  11. The New Decameron
  12. The Symphonies Of Beethoven
  13. Tragedy And Farce
  14. Miss X, An Ex-Lover
  15. A White Oriental Flower plus I Can See Japan

Unlisted titles:

  1. karaoke parody track: Old Friend, New Flame
  2. karaoke parody track: Tragedy And Farce
  3. karaoke parody track: The New Decameron
  4. karaoke parody track: Coming In A Girl’s Mouth
  5. karaoke parody track: Miss X, An Ex-Lover
  6. karaoke parody track: Harry K-Tel
  7. karaoke parody track: Who Is Mr Jones?
  8. karaoke parody track: How To Spot An Invert
  9. karaoke parody track: The Symphonies Of Beethoven

Momus says

In UNIX speak, the year 1970 is called The Epoch and considered the beginning of all time; so it is too in Analog Baroque. The electronic age starts there. That’s when the task began of telling the computers about our human cultural heritage. The music, literature and architecture of the past was shovelled into the mainframes. It came out the other side all bleepy and warped, like western pop when it comes out the other side of Japan, or a sine wave after it’s been passed through the VCO filter on an analog synth. Data in the service of decoration, old culture being fed into the computer, historical garb reproduced in hi-tech fabrics… it all seemed to add up to something: Analog Baroque.

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