Momus – Stars Forever

Released on Analog Baroque Records – ANALOG 002 CD – August 1999.


Disc one:

  1. Other Music
  2. Tinnitus
  3. 3D Corporation
  4. Akiko Masuda
  5. Stefano Zarelli
  6. Minty Fresh
  7. Jeff Koons
  8. Milton Jacobson
  9. Mai Noda
  10. Robert Dye
  11. Florence Manlik
  12. Adam Green
  13. Maf
  14. Stephanie Pappas
  15. Steven Zeeland
  16. Mika Akutsu
  17. Miles Franklin
  18. Paolo Rumi
  19. Karin Komoto

Disc two:

  1. Reckless Records
  2. Kokoro Hirai
  3. Indiepop List
  4. Keigo Oyamada
  5. Team Clermont
  6. Brent Busboom
  7. Natsuko Tayama
  8. Girlie Action
  9. The Minus 5
  10. Noah Brill
  11. Shawn Krueger

Karaoke parody competition winners:

  1. New Flame, Same Old Story performed by Christian Carl
  2. Not Intended For Children performed by Bill Hardy
  3. Coming On An Intern’s Dress performed by Mr Kate Jenkins
  4. Nicky My Friend performed by Diego Zapparoli and Paula
  5. Mr Jones performed by Jack Curtis Dubowsky
  6. Taste Of Pink Champagne performed by El Topo
  7. Onan The Barbarian performed by Richard Knowles
  8. Suggestion To Jealous Men performed by Olivier Schopfer

Momus says

Stars Forever was the only way Momus and Le Grand Magistery could think of to pay some hefty legal bills run up by a spot of gladatorial skirmishing in the law courts of New York in 1998. The cause of the trouble? An unauthorised (now deleted) tribute song on his last album, The Little Red Songbook. The Stars Forever project was launched on January 1st 1999 with an appeal for sitters and patrons. Within two weeks, thirty people had pledged to send a thousand dollars to have a Momus song written about them. This, then, will be patronage pop.

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