Momus – Ocky Milk

Released on Analog Baroque Records – ANALOG 012 CD – September 2006.


  1. Moop Bears
  2. Frilly Military
  3. The Birdcatcher
  4. Nervous Heartbeat
  5. Dialtone
  6. Hang Low
  7. Permagasm
  8. Pleasantness
  9. Devil Mask, Buddha Mind
  10. 7000 BC
  11. Zanzibar
  12. Count Ossie In China
  13. Dr Cat
  14. I Refuse To Die
  15. Ex-erotomane

Momus says

I want to make something as static, as friendly, as consensual, as self-effacing, as Japan itself. It will be a feminine record and a friendly record. It will – it should – contain the deep sensuality of Renaissance lute music, or bossa nova. You should be able to put it on and just let it hover in the background all the way through, structuring your contentment in a self-effacing, classical, cool and elegant way. I don’t know if I’m capable of making music that serene and sensual, but I want to try.

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