Momus – Hippopotamomus

Released on Creation Records – CRECD 097 – April 1991.


  1. Hippopotamomus
  2. I Ate A Girl Right Up
  3. Michelin Man
  4. A Dull Documentary
  5. Marquis Of Sadness
  6. Bluestocking
  7. Ventriloquists And Dolls
  8. The Painter And His Model
  9. A Monkey For Sallie
  10. Pornography
  11. Song In Contravention

Momus says

Momus makes a record about sex for children. At least, he makes a record about sex for the child in all of us: the part of us that refuses guilt, that plays with mud pies, that soils its nappy, that loves to suck and be sucked. He abandons melancholy, he abandons satire and politics – the negative elements which have earned him a reputation as ‘the gaunt minstrel of modern angst’. He presents, in songs which gurgle with babyish delight, a utopia of sorts, a place where sex without consequence is celebrated without censorship.

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