Momus – Slender Sherbet

Released on Cherry Red Records – CD BRED 123 – 1995.


  1. A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy
  2. The Guitar Lesson
  3. Closer To You
  4. The Homosexual
  5. The Charm Of Innocence
  6. Lucky Like St Sebastian
  7. I Was A Maoist Intellectual
  8. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous
  9. The Angels Are Voyeurs
  10. Hotel Marquis De Sade
  11. The Gatecrasher
  12. The Hairstyle Of The Devil
  13. Bishonen
  14. Angels Reprise

Unlisted titles:

  1. Jealousy Reprise
  2. Guitar Reprise
  3. Closer Reprise

Momus says

Momus originally planned this as an all-singing, all-dancing CD Plus. It was to be called ‘Digital Closet’ and, on inserting it into your CD ROM drive, you’d be able to rummage around in old Momus recordings as well as peep voyeuristically out at carnal goings on in the room beyond. With his programming skills found wanting, Momus makes do with a record of new versions of some 80s songs (the 90s material is still covered by a restriction clause in the Creation contract) with some amusing secret tracks at the end.

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