Momus – Kinski Gets Angry

From the album ‘Bambi‘ (2013).


Asshole, I’m the whole show
I am the world’s greatest actor
I’m the car crash, I’m the volcano
I could have been a greater dictator

How dare you give me a prize?
I already know I’m a genius
Hell’s teeth, oxygen thief
Call yourself a journalist?

You stink of burnt human flesh
You need a smack in the kisser
Huge red ants should piss in your eyes
And infect your soul with syphilis

Now I am Jesus Christ
But not that corpse on Golgotha
I am the Christ I see in the mirror
The violent German adventurer

Cats, cats, kittens and cats
1,000 women aren’t enough for me
I could spend three seconds on passion
Or 300 years, it’s the same to me

Hell’s teeth, oxygen thief
I am the lake and the water
We are all prostitutes
I just do it better

Idiots are all around me
I am surrounded by failure
I am the disobedient one
The rebel son, the agitator

Hell’s teeth, oxygen thief
I am the lake and the water
And I tell you, if I had to
I’d have been better than Hitler

Wrong? Wrong? Of course I’ve been wrong
I don’t need a Bible to tell me
Herzog, he’s a mad dog
I don’t need that asshole to shoot me

Judge me by depravity
Virtue is for losers
I am your food and your drink
I am your thirst and your hunger

Ride, ride, ponytail girl
I’ll stick my thing in your trashcan throat
I’ll beat my head with my black fist
Go, dumb sow, you’ve got your quote

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