Momus – Shunned

From the album ‘Bibliotek‘ (2012).


To live apart from everyone
It isn’t hard when it must be done
I have the rain, I have the sea
I am a danger to society

If I am shunned, then I am shunned
And I have lost, and you have won

You have your system, it’s not my job
To interfere, demand you stop
And if it works, it works for you
There’s nowhere else for us to go

But I am shunned, you turn from me
And I’m imprisoned, but you’re not free

And all the things I tried to change
The bullying, the calling of names
Corruption, subjugation to your military
Humiliation systematically

And I am stunned, that I am shunned
That I am lost, and they have won

I’ll read a book, I’ll watch the wall
Breathing exhaust, while exhausted sparrows fall
And when the bees have disappeared completely
What did for them will do for me

And so I’m shunned, and so I die
And somebody asks why, but… no reply

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