Momus – Mountain Music

From the album ‘Folktronic‘ (2001).


I’ve got that mountain music in me
But not since I was born
I learned about it yesterday
From a CD-ROM
I’ve got that mountain music in me
I’ll play it ’til I’m dead
Like a synthesiser sequencer
I’ve got it in my head

Ah ah yuppy digital deck
Johnny Cash, Jupiter, 24 track

Anyone can do it
That’s the beauty, see
A Pakistani Indian
Or a kid from Tennessee
Well you can play that music straight
But mix a synthesiser in
And it might become a symbol
Of the world we’re living in

I’ve got that mountain music in me
Deep in memory
Time-stretched in my sampler
On my Rio MP3
I’ve got the mountains on a Minidisc
Right next to my heart
And when I press the play button
I hear the music start

It never was so simple
It never was so pure
The folks who made it never were
So ignorant and poor
They travelled round the world
And never stayed where they belonged
And if they had we’d never have
These lovely mountain songs

‘Moon Of Alabama’
Is my favourite country tune
It’s got lyrics by a communist
And music by a Jew
And when those fellers wrote it
They were living in Berlin
I guess that is a symbol
Of the world we’re living in

Ay ay yuppy, digital deck
Johnny Cash, Casio, Dylan and Beck

Grand Ol’ Oprah Winfrey, Massive Attack
Johnny Cash, Casio, Bruce Haack

Ay ay yuppy, Dylan and Beck
You and me might as well be on Star Trek

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