Momus – Hypnoprism

From the album ‘Hypnoprism‘ (2010).


In the era of the hypnoprism
In the wake of the collapsing pound
I met an exquisite Algerian travel agent
With a horror of sound

I’m a little misunderestimated
I can measure up to nothing much
Give me half a chance I am a crippled tiger
And you are my crutch

I’ve been following a dismal gollum
Like a pierrot follows Columbine
And there’s going to be a horrid harvest
When the water turns to wine

And I love you like I love the wriggly
And you lick me like a spotted dog
You’re my velvet azure from Algeria
And we bone in the fog

Acts of love on astrakhan carpets
In the apartment of Salvador Dali
With a white imperial bastard colonist
Who looks a lot like me

I’m a little misunderestimated
I will give you back your piece of cake
I’ve only eaten one bite of it
Anyone could make the same mistake

If I give you too much information
Defriend me on the next bardo
I have a horror of communication
But I so long to know

I’ve got a spotty case of alopecia
I’ve been howling like a haunted dog
And I’ve been having sex in prison
Like a bone in the fog

I’m at home amongst your sombre reptiles
Basking in your garden lair
And I like to speak the words the tortoise uses
To outfox the hare

And there’s a scent of candlewax on pinecones
And you look a lot like Sylvia Kristel
And I’d like to call you Princess Tenderloin
Or simply Mirabelle

I’m a little misunderestimated
And I’m older now than Ezra Pound
Don’t check your wallet there’s nothing in it
I’ll see you around

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