Momus – Mr Proctor

From the album ‘Joemus‘ (2008).


Sticky piggy wam wam
Fluffy on a cig jam
Bringing in the bam bam
Golly, golly

Gilly on the wheelback
Silky on the steep jack
Working on the mailbag
Billy, Billy

Trilly on the flap flap
Billy on the gimcrack
Cracker on the black jack
Sorry, sorry

Clicky on a Les Paul
Blingy on a longhaul
Barry on backflip

I love you and I miss you and I wish that you were here
I don’t know where you are and now I possibly don’t care
But Geraldine the Bombadier has come to make his stand
Ickle Brummie asks if he can grasp his mummy’s hand

Titchy click a click track
Six gone a long track
Stitching up a rich hack
Prolly, prolly

Sunny on a Sunday
Bunny on a Monday
Fanny on a Sunday
Rainy, rainy

Trading on a label
Fucking on a table
Punky like a tribble
Trick, trick trip away

Trick, trick trip away

In the planetarium I don’t know how to drive
Don’t know how to love you but I’m glad to be alive
Ought to know you’ve something else I really do admire
I wonder who can tell you that I’ve set your hair on fire

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