Momus – Buses

From the album ‘MomusMcClymont‘ (2013).


The crazy bus driver
A hardened survivor
Became a great artist
And came on apace

He started doing crashes
To entertain passengers
It didn’t hurt when he
Smashed up his face

But only a has-been
Goes through the windscreen
He’s got more talent
And he’s got more tact

He fought free from learning
Taught himself nothing
The original

And years in the ghetto
Hardened his mettle
Put dents in his fenders
But never his pride

And now when he kills you
It really thrills you
The critics are calling it

At Waterloo Station
His big installation
Stopped traffic
A flaming success

And his intervention
At Dalston Junction
Triumphant distress

And now he’s got chops to
Compare with Tsaikovsky’s
His Nutcracker Crash
Was the best of the worst

That crazy bus driver
Original thinker
A mere child could do it
But he did it first

His interrogation
Of driver frustration
Incisive and cutting
A master stroke

Those willing to listen
Heard the capitalist system
Come crashing down
In wreckage and smoke

He finds inspiration
Where you least expect it
Takes clichés and throws them all
Into reverse

That crazy bus driver
That difficult rider
The best of the best and
The worst of the worst

The crazy bus driver
Destroyed all his rivals
When they climbed aboard his
Opus 53

They were screaming in terror
But not the bus driver
That great artist
Died in his sleep

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