Momus – I Refuse To Die

From the album ‘Ocky Milk‘ (2006).


Death comes for all
But I plan to be out when he calls
Out sunbathing in the snow
But don’t tell Death I told you so
I refuse to die!

The reaper came to say I had to die
I said, "Sorry, Grim, some other time!"
I said, "Old Miss Bryce who lives next door
Go ask her, she’s 104!"
I refuse to die!

I will not bow to the reaper’s scythe
I’ll ride away on my Triumph motorbike
I don’t have time, see, I’ve got plans
I’ve gotta build a house on the Morecambe Sands
I refuse to die!

Well you can take your hourglass and your scythe
And stick it in a place where the sun don’t shine
I won’t go easy into the night
I will not go without a fight
I refuse to die!

Life may not be spiffy every day
But it’s a damn sight better than rotting clean away!

I’d rather chase scallops on the Blackpool sands
I’d rather play Scrabble my thyroid glands
I’d rather be in a deckchair by the sea
I’d rather be at Lyon’s drinking tea
I’d rather be just about anywhere
Than lying in a coffin in my underwear
I refuse to die!

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