Momus – Mr Ulysses

From the album ‘Otto Spooky‘ (2005).


Porcupine razor
Palatine Mill
Garbage on a laser
Monkey on the hill

Dive me through the bottom
Climb me through the chill
Got a gabardine sausage
Platinum pill

Get a new lover
Spiritual lie
Shining on cable
Cussing all the time

Stink brown cupboard
Guinea pig’s eye
A skinny old lover
Porcupine pie

It’s raining on a Sunday
I’ve been shooting on the job
I’ll be dying on a Monday
See me jumping like a hog

Soft poke Jigger
Dread blue bone
Big jewel dagger
Soft black foam

See me building for the future
See me saving for the dawn
Got another woman
Better all the time

I’ve been weeping on a sleeper
I’m a skiving on the raise
Skeeting like a cheater
Looking hunger in the face

Mr Ulysses
Tell me where you been
I stole some kisses
From your dark-eyed queen

Been to Philadelphia
Seen you in your gown
Papa was a sailor
Way across town

Your papa was a sailor
Your mama was a tramp
Your sister was Ophelia
Your brother ran a bank

I’ve got another woman
Way across town
I see her in the evenings
When I’m down

Calling on a woman
Calling on the Lord
Saying it’s been a long time
Open your door

Take off your clothes, Lord
Lay down on the bed
Answer all my prayers
Like the Bible said

I’ve been riding on a tiger
Only go the way
Old pale fire
Never fade

Soft poke Jigger
Dread blue bone
Big jewel dagger
Soft black throne

Raining on a Sunday
Shooting on the job
Dying on a Monday
Squealing like a hog

Stink brown cupboard
Guinea pig’s eye
Skinny old lover
Porcupine pie

Get a new lover

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