Momus – Sempreverde

From the album ‘Otto Spooky‘ (2005).


The man from the north enters the tube
Wriggles his way to the perspex cube
The man from the south dissolves in his mouth
A lozenge of Sempreverde

The man from the north and the man from the south
One by the brain, one by the mouth
Climb through the tube into the cube
Of the perspex Japanese garden

And in the pines a tiny sun shines
Birds small as insects fly through the air
The panda unzips the skin of a pig
Flops himself down in the garden

Fiddle me blank, fiddle me blind
All the young girls fiddle their minds
Jilly and Debbie and everyone’s here
All for the Sempreverde

Giants and fairies and strange effigies
Sacred and artificial trees
Dragons and serpents and fish and birds
In the perspex Japanese garden

Otto the rich, Otto the poor
Spilling the stuff on the party floor
The past is so sad, the present is worse
Thank heaven we haven’t a future

The world fills with trash and eskimo ash
Clouds of white gas floating in from the past
Crawl to the cashpoint, bring me the cash
And I’ll get you the Sempreverde

I said, "I’m going to rape you", she said, "Okay"
I said, "Don’t say okay because then it’s not rape"
She said, "Okay, I won’t say okay"
On two tabs of Sempreverde

Evergreen Sempreverde

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