Momus – The Artist Overwhelmed

From the album ‘Otto Spooky‘ (2005).


The artist overwhelmed by the grandeur of ancient ruins
The ruins of life
The passing of time
Like bodies, like minds
We pass

Hold me
Converse with me
In Italy
Drinking coffee
In the shadow of muscular statuary
Kiss me eternally
On the iPod Christoph Willibald Gluck

The white face and the mime
The pierrot and the queen
Plaster dust is on your face
Clasp me in your marble grasp
In the midst of life there is death

"I give pleasure to all
I will go wherever you want me
If you sing or talk to me I will retain your songs or words
And repeat them to you at your pleasure
I can enable you to always play the voices of your loved ones
Even though they are far away
I talk in every language
I can help you to learn other languages
The more you become acquainted with me, the better you will like me"

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