Momus – Keigo Oyamada

From the album ‘Stars Forever‘ (1999).


When the ape’s bineural microphones are pointed out to sea
He’s not fishing for your food but whistling a symphony
Caesar, Nova, cats of the ape, please forgive your master
For Cornelius helps this slow old world to turn a little faster

Keigo Oyamada tours the world, but who looks after you?
You catch rats and mice while Keigo edits desktop video
Though your life is hard please know your sacrifices are worthwhile
For Cornelius is the genius with the world’s most brilliant music style

Courage oh my little cats, somewhere someone remembers you
Give your master Oyamada-San the credit he is due
For one day he’ll pick you up and feed you liver giblets
Playing Beethoven he’ll heap your plate with all your favourite titbits

Sometimes, oh my kitten droogs, it seems that he’s forgotten you
Glorying in global fame or jamming in his studio
When you’re feeling cold and hungry, sunk in an oblivion
Oyamada-Sensei will return to feed you in Elysium!

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