Momus – Minty Fresh

From the album ‘Stars Forever‘ (1999).


When that I was but a little tiny boy
WIth a heigh ho the wind and the rain
Minty Fresh was my only joy
For the rain it rained every day
Papas Fritas, The Cardigans, Komeda
The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group
Anthony and Jim gave me hours of pleasure
With their record label Minty Fresh

A mortal dare not look upon
The creatures of the night
The goblin foul, the horned toad
The vicious little sprite

Ariel is the name I bear
On the bat black night I fly
I’ll have music wherever I go
’til Phoebus ‘gins a rise
The gods, my friends, smile down on us
The wheel of fortune turns
We shall be spared the plague and the clap
When the fire of London burns

We see the skull beneath the skin
The eldritch empty eyes
And if we let the music stop
We’d soon be paralysed

But with bells on our fingers
And bells on our toes
We’ll ring a tune when we mop and mow
Heigh ho the wind and the rain
Let us play these disks again and again
The Sugarplastic, Melony
Doctor Kosmos, Veruca Salt
The Orange Peels, Kahimi Karie
The Aluminum Group and all

We fear the monsters of the night
The hump-backed whale, the Caliban brute
We stand in awe where they stand tall
The flibbertigibbet and the rawhead spook

When I was but a little tiny boy
Green grow the rushes o
Where the bee sucked there sucked I
In a parsnip’s bell I’d lie
Ring in the summer, boys, bring in the wheat
Let us laugh in the face of death
We’ll dance and feast all night tonight
To the sounds of Minty Fresh

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