Momus – Reckless Records

From the album ‘Stars Forever‘ (1999).


The most beautiful people in the world
Were two rows ahead there on the airplane
I decided to trail them there and then
And when we touched down
They led me to Reckless

The most beautiful people in the world
Were thronging the streets
Walking on Broadway
Completely implausible girls
Pregnant and legless
Led me to Reckless

When I walked in the store I just sighed
I thought that I’d died and gone straight to heaven
All my favourite bands side by side
The ones that I never find
I found them at Reckless

If you visit Chicago I’d suggest
You don’t waste your time
Just head for the store I adore
Cynthia Plaster Caster lives next door
She’ll cast your penis
Isn’t it priceless?

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