Momus – Steven Zeeland

From the album ‘Stars Forever‘ (1999).


All I desire is a military man who knows that he is born
A soldier, a sailor, a pretty marine blowing on the horn
On a military base or a battleship deck
Let me come in his ass with my tongue down his neck
When I die mix my ash with the piss
At Camp Pendleton Del Mar Enlisted Club

Well Brent was my crush in high school, boys
And I followed him round the world
Well the army sent Brent off to Frankfurt, boys
But Brent he went off with a girl
I rented a room like a Fassbinder film
But I needed a job so they had me begin
At a sporting goods store on the military base
Blowing on the horn

And why should I lust after killing machines
A man of my delicate build?
Why request photos of naked marines
From the Athletic Model Guild?
Stripped to the skin, their muscles like rocks
With their hair high and tight, gripping their cocks
Put it down to the fact that opposites attract
And go blowing on the horn

On Okinawa straight Corporal Buchman bonded while getting tattoos
In California a thousand marines were caught posing for gay videos
Nobody’s straight one hundred percent
Every soldier and sailor’s potentially bent
I’ll keep you hard ’til your girlfriend arrives
And keep blowing on your horn

He wrote ‘Barrack Buddies and Soldier Lovers’, ‘The Masculine Marine’
‘Sailors and Sexual Identity’ and did lots of research in between
But a writer should never stop living to write
Steven Zeeland, our hero, still follows the fleet
Painting the town, writing it down
And a’ blowing on the horn


A man in the thrall of a sexual spell is the luckiest man alive
The dreams he has lived and the sperm he has spilled
Give meaning to his life
When you look back, after you’re dead
You’ll regret what you didn’t do, not what you did
When I die mix my ash with the piss
At Camp Pendleton Del Mar Enlisted Club

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