Momus – Millipedes

From the album ‘Stop This!‘ (1996).


We are like millipedes
We are such centipedes
We’re at the astrodome
Under the styrofoam
The mire is over us
It’s just the four of us
Forces of circumstance
And we begin to dance

We’re in your custody
And we begin to pay
We are the cosmonauts
We dress like astronauts
We have such silly thoughts
They got the best of us
They’ve got great shows on board
We’ll send the rescue pod

These are the games we know
We’re racing on the case
And we are writing plays
We’re at the astrodome
We are the millipedes
And we feel right at home
We’re in the styofoam
The rug is over us
The grass is over us
Forces of circumstance

Soon we begin to dance
And we begin to trance
We’re sailing underground
We’re flying up and down
They say we’re cosmonauts
We dress like astronauts
We have such vivid thoughts
We have such little ghosts

These are the things you told you told

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