The Happy Family – Letter From Hall

From the album ‘The Man On Your Street‘ (1982).


Did you read the letter
That fell into our bed
When you were holding me so tight
And I stroked your sleepy head
Remember at a party
Or was it in a field
That man who came and spoke to us
Dull but pleasant, medium build
He was one part happy, one part sad
He was neither short nor tall
His eyes were an angel’s but his mouth was bad
He said his name was Hall

He writes he’s won a lottery
A fortune’s come his way
He wonders what we’d recommend
To fill his empty days
He swears he’s learnt his lesson
And sends us good advice
Democracy’s a whore he writes
Who never serves you twice
So watch yourself when she picks you up
Her expression says it all
Her eyes are an angel’s
But her mouth’s plain bad
She’s a bitch says the letter from Hall

He used to work the nightshift
Now he doesn’t need the bread
So he sweats with new machinery
On his one-man yacht instead
He tells us disregard the news
We may have heard of him
The pressmen scratched their lousy heads
And hatched fantastic sins
A shady figure in the early hours
Against a brothel wall
The eyes an angel’s
But the mouth plain bad
All lies said the letter from Hall

He’s heard we’ve planned a family
A couple of matching kids
He writes they’ll turn out terrorists
If our luck’s as bad as his
The nights are getting longer now
At his Lake Geneva home
And if we like we can join him there
He hates to be alone
He asks for you particularily
Describes you as his doll
With your angel’s eyes
And your full red blood
Come now says the letter from Hall

Darling please see reason
Drop those cases where you stand
We’ve still got time to start again
On that family we planned
I know I’ve been demanding love
But you’re my only girl
And beyond that door the danger starts
It’s a scary place the world
Now I see a person in you
I don’t recognise at all
For your eyes are mine
But your mouth speaks lines
You read in the letter from Hall

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