The Happy Family – Puritans

From the album ‘The Man On Your Street‘ (1982).


Please don’t let’s talk about what is and what is not the case
If I got tired of you I’d tell you to your face
The way you pick your words when you’re describing me
It seems you’re far outside my personality
I have no cause to be dissatisfied with you
So I can’t understand what cure I’m stretching to
We once surveyed our prospects, now we reminisce
Would I have come if I’d anticipated this?

O take these puritans away!

Open the window dear I need a breath of air
The sky is cloudless and there’s no disorder there
Pull on some clothes and we’ll consider what to do
To fill the space before we’re back here in this room

We’ll walk the districts and we’ll watch the passers-by
All these familiar scenes make difference seem a lie
If we compose ourselves and try to look our best
We might at last provoke each other’s interest
When we pass other couples walking on the street
Or in a restaurant study faces as we eat
We set to wondering in great perplexity
The secret they possess that’s barred from you and me

O take these puritans away!

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