Momus – Shawn Krueger

From the album ‘Stars Forever‘ (1999).


It’s been hell to keep this secret for so long
The fact that Shawn wants to propose to you in a Stars Forever song
And Emily, for all I know you may already know
I had to open my big mouth
To Spin and Rolling Stone, didn’t I?
I tried to keep this secret on my own, but how could I?

When I told you I was born to be adored
I never thought one day I’d find myself kneeling at your door
A bunch of plastic roses from a funny one-eyed man
Even this one knee I’m on
Is another man’s, Emily
I’m your sinister gorilla kissogram, Emily

Photographs are prototypes of memories
Memories are better than the truth
Promises and facts are often enemies
Emily, that’s the story of my youth



Marriage, though I seemed to get it wrong
Can be beautiful, believe me, as lovely as a song
And Emily, for all I know your answer may be no
But if you go that road, Shawn
Will be lonesome for so long
Though my chance has been and gone
I’d still do it all again with anyone

It’s been hard to keep this secret for so long
But not as hard as being a Carpenter or a friend of Elton John
And under my disguise, the gorilla kissogram
Beats a heart that’s warm
But the heart belongs to Shawn
I’ve been trying to take your breath away
For a better man
Marry him

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