Momus – karaoke parody competition winners: Suggestion To Jealous Men performed by Olivier Schopfer

From the album ‘Stars Forever‘ (1999).


I’m jealous of the people the people I fall in love with
Fall in love with
I’m jealous of the people the people I try to be more like
Try to be more like
I’m even jealous of the people the people who hate me
Hate more
A Complete History of Sexual Jealousy Parts 17 to 24

Mr Brown’s wife was so beautiful
That he locked her in every morning before going to work
Jealousy of course was his motive
But what if his wife watered her plants with an open hand?
What if she talked to her flowers for hours?
What if she smiled at the television screen?
What if she kept staring at the walls
And looking at herself in the mirrors?
What if she stroked the door handle?
What if she walked barefoot on the kitchen floor?
Mr Brown you’d better pull your whole house down
Before locking your wife in it

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