Momus and John Henriksson – How I Met Your Mother

From the album ‘Thunderclown‘ (2011).


Dust covers the mirror, works and gear
Where are the drugs of yesteryear?

I’m close to tears now
Huffing the years now

Did I ever tell you, long ago
How I met your mother, Horse and Charlie, Whizz and Blow?
And every day, the whole of 1991
We’d raise our arms and at the rave, we’d greet the rising sun

It was amazing
How come your eyes are glazing?

One day, down the Strand, near the Lyceum
I understand they’ll build a drug museum
We’ll stand and press our noses to the glass
And think about the parties of the past

The drugs we took in 1992
What’s the matter, son?
You’re turning blue

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