Momus and John Henriksson – Baloney Polonius

From the album ‘Thunderclown‘ (2011).


To thine own self be true
Is only your point of view
Baloney, Polonius, for everyone but you
Brevity is the soul of wit
But stick with wit a little bit
And then you might discover something new

Neither a lender or borrower be
But in the end when you’re in need
Baloney, Polonius, you know
More matter and less art, you say?
McLuhan blew that one away
Take your baloney, Polonius, and go

I’ll come back as a master thinker
Commit philanthropy
Revive the maxims I destroyed
And go down in history
Erect a few statues, endow a few colleges
All named after me
Shakespeare said I was bad
But I’m good

There’s method in madness, yes
There I must agree
I’d like to see the whole world going mad
But the fact that you said it
Would tend to discredit
Polonius, due to your hokey baloney
Whatever truth the statement may have had

Baloney, Polonius

Baloney, Polonius

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