Momus and John Henriksson – The Teacher

From the album ‘Thunderclown‘ (2011).


What’s the deal
With screwing the teacher?
Did you feel
Feel you could reach her?
And touch her… there
She has amazing… hair

You pushed up against her
There in the corner
Caught her off balance
Then you were on her
Pulling off… underwear
She had amazing… hair

So it turned out
That you were mistaken
It turned out
The teacher was taken
Had someone her own… size
With whom she sympa… thized

You’d fantasised
That she’d be a letcher
Letching her students
During the lecture
But did I say be… fore
She is a total… bore

What a shame
You had to report her
A shame for her husband
A shame for her daughter
Oh, but I do… declare
She has amazing… hair

Although they defend her
They cannot excuse her
For the data
On her computer
She met your accusing… stare
You put the data… there

You stuck it to her
You really screwed her
With the data
On her computer
The state has her now in… care
But she has amazing… hair

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